Perform Mass Updates to SAP CRM-IPM Sales Contracts

  • by Goutam Gopal, Senior Consultant, Capgemini US LLC
  • September 5, 2012
Understand the mass maintenance functionality in SAP CRM-Intellectual Property Management (SAP CRM-IPM) that is delivered with SAP CRM 7.0 enhancement package 1. Follow the steps required to mass update any component in an SAP CRM-IPM sales contract.
Key Concept

The SAP CRM Intellectual Property Management mass change module allows you to mass maintain various components within SAP CRM-IPM licensed sales contracts, including the contract header, royalties scopes, rights scopes, and holdback scopes.

SAP CRM-Intellectual Property Management (SAP CRM-IPM) licensed sales contracts are usually large, with a sizeable number of intellectual properties (IPs) that are sold as products. These include rights scopes (i.e., information about media, territory, language, and the time frame in which they are sold) and royalties scopes (i.e., information about pricing, billing, and revenue distribution). Often, the release dates or regions to which an IP is sold are prone to changes. You might also want to change the license fee amount of IPs that belong to a particular IP type — for example, feature films. Manually maintaining these values in the contracts can become cumbersome and time consuming.

Instead, you can use a tool to mass maintain dates or media, territory, and language values on the rights scopes, as well as financial information on the royalties scopes. The mass change tool delivered as part of SAP CRM 7.0 enhancement package 1 includes scenarios referred to as templates to apply mass updates to specific components in sales contracts. Following are the steps you can take to build templates, which must be done before you can apply mass updates to CRM-IPM sales contracts.

Templates for Mass Changes

You can access the mass change tool from the Licensed Sales screen by clicking the Mass Change: Sales Contracts link (Figure 1).

Figure 1
The licensed sales contract screen and the link to access the mass change tool

Goutam Gopal

Goutam Gopal is a senior consultant at Capgemini US LLC with more than 14 years of consulting experience in the IT industry. He has extensive experience in implementing SAP CRM solutions as a functional consultant for the high-tech, retail, manufacturing, and media industries. Currently, he is involved in implementing an SAP CRM–IPM solution at one of the leading studios in California.

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