Pinpoint the Cause of Data Inconsistencies to Ensure Precise Key Figure and Characteristic Values

  • by Iliya Ruvinsky, Managing Partner, Skywind Consulting, Ltd.
  • May 1, 2006
Although many people view troubleshooting as a random process, you can apply a systematic technique to verify data quality. Use these helpful suggestions to locate errors.
Key Concept
During the final phase of BW projects, developers verify data quality. Here, quality refers to consistency and preciseness of the key figure and characteristic values that BEx or Web Application Designer reports display.

BW developers must make sure that data from the source system has stayed consistent through to the final results and makes business sense. The source data travels into BW InfoProvider, through the Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) engine, to BEx or Web Application Designer (Web AD) queries. Often, inconsistencies arise between the source (R/3 or other) and target (BW) figures. Developers must identify, interpret, understand, and — if the data differs from the expected values — correct the data.

Those responsible for development and data quality checking begin by searching for problems. I use a standard procedure to isolate errors. I will discuss my precise, systematic way of checking data quality. Once you’ve located the error, you can fix it yourself or work with your technical team to repair it. You could standardize and transform my procedures into your regular checking procedure. The following checklist helps me to efficiently check my data, especially when problems seem ambiguous.

Iliya Ruvinsky

Iliya Ruvinsky is a managing partner at Skywind Consulting Ltd., Israel. He is an SAP-certified BW consultant and instructor with more than 12 years of experience working with SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects. He is an implementation and project management expert, serving for more than eight years as a trusted advisor to a wide range of Israeli enterprises, including in the insurance, energy, sales, and logistics industries. He is a graduate of the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, holding an MBA in information systems analysis.

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