Pricing Made Easy Using New Transactional and Business Partner Fields

  • by Conny Dahlgren, Senior Consultant, SAP Australia
  • March 15, 2007
Companies often extend their mySAP CRM systems with their own transactional fields, also called attributes. Here is a step-by-step description about what to do so that you can use your own attributes in pricing configuration.
Key Concept
You can use business partner and transactional fields (attributes) for pricing purposes — to set discounts, for example. The standard system offers several attributes that you can use in pricing. When you have an attribute that you want to use in pricing, but the attribute is new — for example, if you created it via Easy Enhancement Workbench — you need to define it for pricing before you can use it.

When you set up pricing configuration in mySAP CRM, you may want to use custom business partner and transactional fields (attributes). For example, you may need to create additional fields via Easy Enhancement Workbench in both the business partner’s master data and in the business transaction. However, neither of these fields is defined in the standard mySAP CRM system, so you cannot work with them directly in pricing configuration. To my knowledge, no one has documented the process of using new fields in pricing in an easy way prior to this article. The following step-by-step directions show how to set up a scenario that many companies may need.

In my example, I use a new field called Has concession on the customer’s master data to give the customer a discount. The selling company uses this field to flag customers for complimentary discounts and gifts. I also added a new transactional field called Years in care. The transaction uses the Years in care field to allow customers to indicate that they are members of a support organization for a certain number of years and thus can get a discount. I created both fields using Easy Enhancement Workbench.

Conny Dahlgren

Conny Dahlgren is a senior consultant with SAP Australia in Melbourne. He has worked with mySAP CRM since 2000, and with SAP products, including SD and MM, for more than nine years. Within mySAP CRM, Conny has experience in most areas in different roles. Currently he is a CRM solution architect for a large CRM project focusing on service and marketing.

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