Provide Better Customer Support with Personalized Email and Chat Responses

  • by William R. Pritchett, Senior Business Process Engineer, Dow Corning Corporation
  • John Burton, Director Solution Management, SAP Interaction Center & Social CRM, SAP
  • July 29, 2011
When you send outbound email campaigns using SAP CRM marketing, you can personalize the content for each user. Contacts will receive an email that contains their name, title, and other information you want to tailor specifically for each recipient. Similarly, when composing emails and Web chats in the SAP CRM interaction center, agents can also dynamically personalize the content of each email or Web chat message.
Key Concept
A mail form contains the message that you send to business partners in conjunction with a marketing campaign. The layout and content of a mail form can be adapted based on the communication channel of the campaign (email, letter, fax, or text messaging). For email campaigns, the mail form contains the HTML or text that contacts receive during campaign execution.

When you think of mass email campaigns, form letters with the same generic content for everyone on the distribution list might come to mind. Do you really want to buy something from a company that promises a great customer experience, yet refers to you as a “Dear Valued Customer?” You may wonder, “How can a company serve my needs, if it doesn’t seem to know my name, my title, or anything else about me?”

With personalized mail functionality in SAP CRM, you can customize the content of outbound email campaigns so that the content is targeted to each contact who receives the campaign. You can also personalize the content of email and Web chat responses sent by contact center agents using SAP CRM interaction center. This can be used to personalize salutations (e.g., “Dear Thomas” or “Dear Ms. Davis”) or to include other information about the contact, such as a title, address, or company name, in the body of the email or Web chat message. SAP CRM also allows you to expand this functionality to include information from any database table, including a Z table that you create, as well as from other sources.

Let’s explore the ways in which email personalization can be used and then go through an example in which you embed standard text into an email to support customized content.

William R. Pritchett

William (Bill) Pritchett has more than 25 years of IT industry experience and has worked at Dow Corning Corporation for the past 16 years. Over the past eight years he has focused on the company’s CRM systems and processes. His current responsibilities include expanding the capabilities of Dow Corning’s SAP CRM 7.0 system.

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John Burton

John Burton is a director of product management at SAP and is responsible for the SAP CRM Interaction Center (including ERMS) and social CRM topic areas. John has 13 years of experience at SAP and has been involved with SAP CRM and the Interaction Center since 1999. He is also the author of Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center, available at the SAPinsider Store. John is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Central Michigan University. John can be found on LinkedIn at

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