Publish SAP BI Content More Easily with SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0

  • by Glen Leslie, BI Product Manager, SAP Labs
  • March 1, 2005
Among the benefits of SAP NetWeaver ’04 is better integration between SAP BI and SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP). This overview explains what the integration of SAP BW 3.5 with SAP EP 6.0 Support Stack ’04 (and above) provides.
Key Concept
SAP Knowledge Management (SAP KM) is a part of SAP BI that coordinates information within a company. It focuses on rationalizing, organizing, and making accessible unstructured corporate information and consists of two parts, collaboration and content management.

SAP NetWeaver ’04 provides greater compatibility between the SAP BW 3.5 and SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 than earlier releases of those components. SAP EP 6.0 is better able to accommodate SAP BI content thanks to changes in the iView architecture and enhancements to SAP Knowledge Management (SAP KM), a component of SAP EP.

End users will find the process of publishing SAP BI content into the portal simpler using SAP BW 3.5 and SAP EP 6.0. They can publish SAP EP iViews from SAP BW 3.5 directly in the Business Explorer Web Application Designer (BEx Web AD), BEx Query Designer, or the BEx Broadcaster — this includes publishing of BEx Analyzer workbooks into SAP EP.

I’ll give you an overview of how SAP EP 6.0 integrates with SAP BW 3.5 along with new technical integration points. You will also have a good idea of how the new technology is similar as well as different from its predecessors. I’ll detail the variety of KM document and iView publishing targets that are available and provide you with a number of resources for more detailed information. I will also show you how to publish BEx Analyzer workbooks in the SAP EP 6.0 and demonstrate the portal-based BEx Showcase role.

Glen Leslie

Glen Leslie is a product manager for SAP’s Business Intelligence solution. Originally a data warehousing consultant, Glen has been working with SAP BW since the 1.2B release in a variety of environments.

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1/23/2014 12:31:54 AM
iview list in content

I have a question. My question is little bit different about your posting.
Now a day, I want to download all iviews in order to find out BEx queries matching EP menu.

Do you know that it is possible to download iveiws in special folder?
Do you know good ways to download or find out all iview by table or something?

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