Pull Sales Document Data Using a Delta Extract to Better Measure Partner Activity

  • by Raja Cherukuri, Consulting Partner, Sapiens Inc.
  • September 6, 2011
See how to build a pseudo delta extract mechanism so that you can pull sales document partner function data from SAP ERP Central Component and move it to SAP NetWeaver BW. This concept allows the business to see the respective partners on sales documents or alternatively allows business users to see and measure a partner activity in various sales documents.
Key Concept
A partner functions pseudo delta extract only pulls new partner data changes since the last time an organization pulled similar data, which saves a company days’ worth of time and effort and avoids full loads when it comes to managing partner information.

The need for SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) partner functions in SAP NetWeaver BW arises when there is a business reporting requirement to identify the concerned people or companies involved on the sales document line. It can be a quote, inquiry, sales order, or contract. An additional complexity is to provide only the sales documents needed by affected people or an organizational hierarchy.

As of version 6.0 of SAP NetWeaver BW with Support Package 17, there is no Business Content delta extractor available to pull the partner functions from a sales document in SAP ECC. Through a generic data source based on a view of partner functions table VBPA, you can obtain partner function data via full loads to SAP NetWeaver BW. However, doing daily full loads on table VBPA is not a sustainable approach. It requires large data loads with an ever increasing sales volume. Also, the partner functions in SAP ECC are designed such that if a partner function on a sales document line doesn’t exist in table VBPA, the presentation logic in SAP ECC substitutes a partner from the sales document header. It then appears to the user as if the header level partner exists on the sales document line. This is significant because in SAP BI, you can’t perform the substitution logic at run time due to performance reasons, so you have to build that information in the extraction and loading time.

Behind the scenes table VBPA contains partner functions of the header and the partner function at the sales document line only if a user overwrites the partner function at the sales document line. You can use the approach I developed to design a pseudo delta extraction mechanism and derive the partners at the sales document line from the header if a partner function doesn’t exist at the sales document line.

Raja Cherukuri

Raja Cherukuri has 15 years of technical and functional experience in SAP ERP, BI,  IP/BPS/SEM, BusinessObjects, logistics, supply chain, procurement, project systems, finance, and controlling. He has led various full lifecycle implementations and upgrade projects, and performed as project, technical, and COE lead to meet aggressive project timelines.

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6/30/2015 11:43:04 AM

Hello, here my questions.

1. durante the load data process is very possible that something happen as process chain failure. Do you have any documentation about the procedure we must use in this case?.

2. Do you have any "how to.." I mean step-by-step for delta load data for SD, Inventory? Can you share us "those how to.."?


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