Quickly Find Errors When Replicating mySAP CRM Data to ECC

  • by Karen Lindholm, CRM Consultant, PRAGMATEK
  • May 15, 2006
Learn how a debugging session speeds up the time it takes to uncover the cause of an error when replicating mySAP CRM business partner data to mySAP ERP Central Component.
Key Concept
You use Business Documents for data exchange and data processing within mySAP CRM. They serve as data containers for processing business objects that logically belong together, for example, all data about one order or one customer.

Have you experienced trouble with your mySAP CRM business partner data not replicating to mySAP ERP Central Component (ECC)? Inconsistent settings for required fields often cause errors during this process. You could compare the customizing between mySAP CRM and ECC field by field, but this is a tedious, time-consuming task. Instead, a quick debugging session can pinpoint the problem more quickly and with less frustration.

I will show you step-by-step how to isolate an error. First, you must locate the business document (BDoc) with the error in transaction SMW01 (queued Remote Function Call [qRFC] Monitor). Then you start the debugger and set a flag so that the system stops the BDoc in the outgoing queue. From the entry in the outgoing queue, you continue to debug the code. Next, set a breakpoint in the program so that you can change to online processing to view the screens and data entry in the ECC system. Once you step through the ECC screens, you can easily identify the mandatory fields and correct them as needed.

Karen Lindholm

Karen Lindholm is a senior consultant with PRAGMATEK Consulting Group in Minneapolis. She has been working with SAP products for more than eight years. As an SAP AG SD consultant, she implemented apparel and footwear (AFS) projects in Europe. Karen has also worked as a global support consultant for SAP America in SD and CRM , as well as a CRM consultant for SAP America’s Demo Development Group. Karen holds a bachelor of arts degree from Stanford University. Currently, she is the CRM consultant for a medical device company.

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