SAP BW 3.5: Take Alerts to a New Level with Central Alert Framework

  • by Ned Falk, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
  • July 1, 2005
SAP NetWeaver's Central Alert Framework (CAF) extends BW 3.5's Reporting Agent in a number of ways, including the addition of a subscribe/unsubscribe feature and the ability to escalate alerts. Using CAF makes your alerts more effective, and configuration is simple.
Key Concept
New SAP Alerts represent an additional feature-rich way to deliver and process alerts from various applications using SAP NetWeaver's Central Alert Framework (CAF). In the BW context, the Reporting Agent now includes SAP Alerts as an additional delivery method. Using this new option, users can opt out or forward and assign delegates for alerts.

One of the new applications delivered in the SAP NetWeaver stack is the Central Alert Framework (CAF). Why do you need a new way to alert a user to business or technical problems in the first place? Many SAP tools alert users: Process chains and workflow can send email messages. Strategic Enterprise Management, Logistics Information System in R/3, and Computing Center Management System (CCMS) all have alert capability. BW Reporting Agent sends alerts based on exception conditions in BW queries.

The fact that you have so many alert options forms the answer to my question: You need a central way to distribute alerts from various applications, not many separate ways in all the applications previously listed. CAF also supports alerting more generically, delivering alerts from your own custom applications.

Instead of breaking existing alert applications, SAP has left these tools more or less intact; they still trigger the alerts the way they did in the past. Using CAF as the delivery interface is optional. I’ll show you how you might use CAF with BW’s Reporting Agent.

Ned Falk

Ned Falk is a senior education consultant at SAP. In prior positions, he implemented many ERP solutions, including SAP R/3. While at SAP, he initially focused on logistics. Now he focuses on SAP HANA, SAP BW (formerly SAP NetWeaver BW), SAP CRM, and the integration of SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects tools. You can meet him in person when he teaches SAP HANA, SAP BW, or SAP CRM classes from the Atlanta SAP office, or in a virtual training class over the web. If you need an SAP education plan for SAP HANA, SAP BW, BusinessObjects, or SAP CRM, you may contact Ned via email.

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