SAP CRM 2005 or SAP CRM 2007: Which is Best For You?

  • by Gil Magana, Principal Consultant, Intelligroup
  • November 15, 2007
If you are considering upgrading from earlier versions of mySAP CRM, you have two options — the current SAP CRM 2005 and the upcoming SAP CRM 2007. See how key areas in SAP CRM 2007 differ from SAP CRM 2005.
Key Concept

SAP CRM 2005, introduced in October 2005, includes improved marketing, sales, and E-Commerce functionality. SAP CRM 2007, expected to be available in 2008, builds on these improvements and introduces a new user interface (UI).

As the Ramp-Up date for SAP CRM 2007 draws near, you may be wondering, “Is now a good time to upgrade and if so, what version should my company consider?” Although the excitement of leaping to the latest and greatest can be appealing, it may be wise to first evaluate which of the releases best suits your company’s needs.

Currently, SAP has four possible releases from which to choose: SAP CRM 2005, SAP CRM 2006s (1 and 2), and SAP CRM 2007. SAP CRM 2006s has limited availability, so let’s focus on SAP CRM 2005 and SAP CRM 2007 beginning with the software selection process as it pertains to those who are using mySAP CRM 4.0 and earlier. Even if you are a new SAP CRM user, you can also gain insight into how the two versions compare. Let’s begin this review with SAP CRM 2005.

Both versions of SAP CRM 2006s are specialized program releases that require customer registration and approval before admission into the program.


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