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Enhance Your Security with Partner Function-Based View

  • by Conny Dahlgren, Senior Consultant, SAP Australia
  • April 15, 2008
In SAP CRM 2007, you can show different user interfaces for a user, depending on the user’s partner function within a transaction. The new user interface makes this possible with minimal development. Find out the four steps to set up this functionality within an opportunity.
Key Concept

The user interface configuration in SAP CRM 2007 is partly dependent on the object type and subtype used. For example, the object type could be a business transaction of type opportunity and the subtype may be the opportunity transaction type OPPS. For more information about object types go to

In opportunity planning, as well as other SAP CRM areas, you may need to restrict access to certain transactions. You can use Access Control Engine (ACE) to set up these restrictions on an object level (e.g., an opportunity planning transaction).

Furthermore, you may have to restrict what users can see within the transaction, depending on the role they have in relation to the transaction. I’ll describe the four steps you need to take to set up this functionality in SAP CRM 2007.

Step 1. Create the object type and subtype

Step 2. Add the partner functions to the business object layer (BOL)

Step 3. Configure the assignment block area

Step 4. Configure the sales team area

After you set this up, you have different views on an opportunity, depending on which role the logged-on user has in the opportunity.

Boris Dingenouts’ article “What Can ACE Do for You? Lessons Learned from a Recent Implementation” (Volume 3, Number 4) provides additional background about ACE. You can read it in the CRM Expert knowledgebase at

Conny Dahlgren

Conny Dahlgren is a senior consultant with SAP Australia in Melbourne. He has worked with mySAP CRM since 2000, and with SAP products, including SD and MM, for more than nine years. Within mySAP CRM, Conny has experience in most areas in different roles. Currently he is a CRM solution architect for a large CRM project focusing on service and marketing.

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