SAP CRM 7.0: Enhance SAP CRM Business Objects to Create Custom Workflows

  • by Dr. Johann von Saldern, ecenta AG
  • October 22, 2009
Standard business object types allow you to build workflows based on their functionality. However, you might encounter situations in which the available functionality of the objects does not fit your organization’s needs. Learn how business object types can be enhanced in SAP CRM 7.0 to support your specific business requirements for automated SAP Business Workflow processes.
Key Concept

SAP Business Workflow supports and automates your business processes. Workflows are based on business object types from the Business Object Repository. In the steps of a workflow, you can define how these underlying objects are processed. You can alter business object types to fit your particular needs without modifying the SAP-standard object types.

Many business process requirements are specific to your company needs. This is especially the case when it comes to automated business processes implemented using SAP Business Workflow. One example is a simple release or approval procedure that requires the involvement of one or several users. This is a common scenario in sales processes. A sales representative is ready to release a sales order but requires an approval for this step. The person responsible for the approval should be automatically determined based on the setup of your sales organization. Furthermore, the workflow task should be assigned automatically to this person and the person should be notified.

In this example, the procedure depends on your internal processes (when to initiate the process) and sales organization (who is responsible). It likely requires additional functionality that is not delivered out-of-the-box with SAP CRM. A prerequisite for modeling such a workflow procedure is that the missing functionality is added. This can be done by enhancing the underlying business object type in the Business Object Repository (BOR).

I will provide a summary of the steps needed to enhance a business object type with the goal of using it in your own workflows. I will also discuss adding new methods and new events. ABAP skills are required to implement new methods in a business object. A good understanding of SAP CRM data structure is also very helpful. Note that this article applies to SAP CRM 7.0.

Dr. Johann von Saldern

Dr. Johann von Saldern is a senior consultant with six years of SAP experience, specializing in SAP CRM (both functional and technical). Johann has worked on projects in Europe, the US, and Asia in many industries such as high tech, consumer products, financial services, and the public sector. His years of project experience have also found him taking on various roles in projects, spanning from project manager and team lead to system architect and technical/design lead. In these roles, he has designed and implemented complex SAP CRM-based solutions in the areas of marketing, sales, and service.

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