Seamlessly Integrate Non-CRM Business Users into an Email-Based Process

  • by Dr. Johann von Saldern, ecenta AG
  • November 25, 2009
Learn how to combine SAP business workflow with the E-Mail Response Management System to integrate non-SAP CRM users into an automated workflow using email.
Key Concept
SAP business workflow allows you to define business processes that are not yet set up in SAP CRM. For example, this may be a simple release or approval procedure that requires the involvement of one or several users in a specific order. The E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) manages the automation of inbound email processing. Both functionalities combined provide automated business processes based on email communication.

In many business processes, approval steps are integrated to guarantee better control. One or more approvals are commonly required before a quotation or a sales order can be released, especially in the area of sales transactions in a business-to-business (B2B) scenario.

However, key users or managers who are entitled to approve or reject such requests often are not constantly online or are not working with SAP CRM on a daily basis. Approval processes within SAP CRM therefore rely on the availability of these persons to log in to SAP CRM to approve requests. In many cases, this is not a practical approach and could result in a significant delay of each approval step. As a consequence, approval requests are often carried out by email or phone. This approach enables direct involvement and almost immediate response, but it lacks tracking and logging of what is happening in each step of the approval process.

Dr. Johann von Saldern

Dr. Johann von Saldern is a senior consultant with six years of SAP experience, specializing in SAP CRM (both functional and technical). Johann has worked on projects in Europe, the US, and Asia in many industries such as high tech, consumer products, financial services, and the public sector. His years of project experience have also found him taking on various roles in projects, spanning from project manager and team lead to system architect and technical/design lead. In these roles, he has designed and implemented complex SAP CRM-based solutions in the areas of marketing, sales, and service.

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