SAP CRM Intellectual Property Management
Keep Track of Your Intellectual Property Assets with the IP Product Master

  • by Akarsh Ravi, Manager, Capgemini US LLC
  • October 20, 2011
Learn about the unique master data processes in SAP CRM-Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Understand the product master data type IP and rights dimensions, and how to perform rights availability analysis.
Key Concept
SAP CRM’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) functions help carry out the various processes of intellectual property management including the maintenance, management, buying, and selling of rights by using and building upon many of the standard components of SAP CRM, such as the product master, the One Order Framework, and CRM Billing. They come standard with SAP CRM and can be applied to any industry that deals with the buying and selling of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property management (IPM) deals with the management of a variety of intangible assets known as intellectual properties (IPs), such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; designs and symbols; and publications, movies, and television shows. Some of the industries that deal with IPs include high-tech, media & entertainment, and publishing, where IP management includes the processes of managing and maintaining IPs and their associated rights, analyzing available rights, and the selling and buying of IP rights.

SAP CRM-IPM helps manage these various aspects of IPM, including the management of IPs and their associated rights in the form of master data information, the analysis to determine the availability of rights for selling in the form of rights availability analysis, and the buying and selling of rights through acquisition contracts and license sales contracts, respectively.

I explain the characteristics of the IPM-specific product master data type IP, including the rights dimensions that form an important part of each IP record. I also show you how to perform a rights availability analysis, a type of query that shows which rights are available for selling to a customer.

Akarsh Ravi

Akarsh Ravi is a manager at Capgemini US LLC with over eight years of experience implementing SAP CRM and SAP ECC solutions in the high-tech, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries. His areas of expertise include SAP CRM sales, marketing, IPM, and cProjects; and he is a certified PMP and SAP CRM Sales professional.

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