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How Installed Base Management Enables Better Customer Support

  • by Dustin Droz, Consultants, BearingPoint Commercial Services SAP CRM Practice
  • Lorena Ruiz Gilbert, Consultants, BearingPoint Commercial Services SAP CRM Practice
  • November 15, 2008
Find out about the SAP CRM Installed Base Management capabilities and how various industries use them. Also learn about the Installed Base Management life cycle and how you can manage it within your SAP systems, including SAP CRM and SAP ERP. See the interaction of Installed Base Management information throughout the service management process, including contracts, service orders, and confirmations.
Key Concept

Installed Base Management is a key component of manufacturing and service organizations. You should spend significant design effort on Installed Base Management early in any SAP CRM project because it is central to the core functions within the service management process. Installed Base Management allows the tracking and visibility of products shipped, upgraded, and moved within a particular record as well as key attributes of the customer and product.

Service plays a crucial role in driving revenue targets, increasing margins, differentiating solutions, and retaining customers. To deliver the right, timely service to customers, you can use Installed Base Management. This allows you to maintain constantly changing information within your service organization.

In fact, service organizations are quickly becoming a more prominent component of many businesses. In the not-so- distant past, service was seen as more of a necessity to support customers, but with today's product life cycle focus, service organizations are quickly transforming to drive business profitability. As companies begin transforming their service businesses, it is also essential to consider the business solutions that can enable change. SAP CRM provides a robust service solution that enables companies to greatly improve their service efficiency.

In this four-part series, we will cover the key functions within SAP CRM. This first article covers Installed Base Management in SAP CRM. We will show you what to consider when planning an Installed Base Management project and offer tips from our experience in implementing Installed Base Management. To get an overview of Installed Base Management, refer to the sidebar “How Installed Base Management Works.”

Dustin Droz

Dustin Droz is a consultant with BearingPoint’s Commercial Services SAP CRM Practice and has two years of experience with SAP implementations. Dustin has been involved in SAP CRM projects in the environmental control and high-tech industries, focusing on CRM service and sales. Prior to becoming a consultant, Dustin graduated summa cum laude from the SAP-integrated management information systems program at California State University, Chico. He and Lorena would like to offer special thanks to the members of the SAP CRM team led by Doug Hurley, managing director, at BearingPoint.

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Lorena Ruiz Gilbert

Lorena Ruiz Gilbert is a consultant with BearingPoint’s Commercial Services SAP CRM Practice. Lorena has worked with SAP CRM and assisted in implementations in Field Service and Sales for high tech and environment control industries. She has focused in master data, data migration activities, and CRM WebClient UI configuration. Lorena holds a bachelor of science in business administration from California State University, Chico.

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