SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0: Improve Query Performance and Visibility With BI Statistics

  • by Muke Abdelnaby, Principal, Renaissance Partner Group, Inc.
  • Hisham Ismail, Principal, Renaissance Partner Group, Inc.
  • October 1, 2008
In an SAP NetWeaver BI system, you can experience performance problems and delays when running queries and producing results. SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0’s improved BI Statistics feature makes it easier to diagnose those performance bottlenecks. It generates and stores query runtime statistics you can analyze, and then you can use the SAP NetWeaver functionality to solve the problem.
Key Concept

Query runtime statistics track the parts of system processing critical to performance. Using these statistics, you can determine how much time the system needs to execute certain user actions, which are called events. These events include displaying Web items, building Web pages, generating queries, and saving data. The system determines the runtime of an event by calculating the difference between the start and end times (excluding times for other events called from within the event). SAP NetWeaver BI stores this statistical data in various tables.

A typical challenge for managing an SAP NetWeaver BI environment is to frequently monitor, analyze, and fine tune queries that efficiently produce results for users. SAP has developed new features for companies that have either recently upgraded to or installed SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0, including those that generate and store query runtime statistics you can analyze to uncover performance issues.

The new BI Statistics feature is one of those improvements. Using BI Statistics, you can more effectively collect detailed data, monitor performance, and use analysis tools on key SAP NetWeaver BI objects such as InfoProviders, query retrievals, and data loads.

SAP has improved the method for capturing statistical data on SAP NetWeaver BI queries and warehouse management functions (i.e., various programs and new tables) to provide more accurate and relevant information so that users can better tune their systems. SAP has enhanced InfoProviders and tables that capture detailed statistics on query runtime, data load, and data load status (Table 1). The table lists the relevant SAP NetWeaver BI tables used to store the statistical metrics for the appropriate item, such as process chains. Note that the SAP BW 3.x InfoProvider statistics (such as 0BWTC_C02 and 0BWTC_C03) are not recommended for use. 0BWTC_C02 will not receive any new data because the source table RSDDSTAT is not used for statistics data collection anymore with the new 7.0 BI Statistics. The InfoCube is available but is never populated. 0BWTC_C03 is a bit different. It’s still usable but the new enhancements to the source tables have not been reflected in this InfoCube.

SAP has also stated that it is not possible to transfer your previously collected data into the new SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 InfoProviders for monitoring or analysis.

Muke Abdelnaby

Muke Abdelnaby is a principal with Renaissance Partner Group, Inc. (RPG). He and RPG create sustainable value for their customers by effective implementation and support of enterprise reporting, financial planning, and consolidations solutions. Muke and RPG not only focus on the technology of SAP NetWeaver, but also on business process understanding, industry knowledge, and technical expertise to deliver value solutions in both implementation services and product development. Muke has presented at several SAP NetWeaver BI sessions at ASUG and TechEd.

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Hisham Ismail

Hisham Ismail is a principal with Renaissance Partner Group, Inc. (RPG). Hisham has SAP experience in effectively implementing and managing projects involving ERP (SAP), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Portals (EP), Middleware, and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

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