SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 Adds Lookup Feature for Master Data Values on DSOs

  • by Manohar Poorsala, SAP BI Lead Consultant, Accenture, Bangalore, India
  • October 28, 2012
Get a clear picture of how to set a characteristic InfoObject as a master data InfoProvider in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30. See how to load the delta of master data from SAP ERP Central Component to the master data InfoObject. You can do this without affecting the lock of the master data InfoObjects while loading the deltas. This is mainly useful when there are multiple lookups on master data from different transactional DataStore objects and InfoCubes.
Key Concept

In multiple instances, users need to look up master data because there is a slim chance that all the required fields are supplied as the attributes of the master data. For example, one requirement could be that the shelf life date of the material be stamped in the InfoCube while loading the transactional data. This information is not available in the transactional DataSource. You have to look up the data from the DataStore object (DSO) that has the master data of the material, for example shelf life of the material, as the attribute of 0material. This can be easily achieved by a new feature in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30, which has a lookup on the DSO feature in the update rules while loading the transactional data.

While loading transactional data to InfoCubes or DataStore objects (DSOs), in most projects you also need to stamp or look up master data values. That includes master data attributes — such as shelf life of the material, best used-before date, tax code, and sold-to-party — and any attribute of the master data, such as 0material or 0customer. This information may not be available in the transactional DataSource, and you then have to fetch it from the InfoObject. However, when master data is activated after the delta load, the InfoObject is locked during the activation. Lookup on a DSO is faster when compared with lookup on an InfoObject as per the Layered Scalable Architecture.

In some cases, when you are loading or activating the master data, the lookup may fail or cause a delay. In that case, you can use my method of loading the master data directly into the DSO from the master data DataSource. You can do a lookup on the DSO and create another transformation between the DSO and the master data InfoObject. When the Data Transfer Process (DTP) is triggered, the entire master data is loaded from the DSO to the InfoObject. This DTP between DSO and InfoObject can be delta or full based on the business requirement.

To implement my method, you first set up the InfoObject as a master data InfoProvider 2, and then create a DSO to load the master data. Follow these steps:

Manohar Poorsala

Manohar Poosarla is an SAP BI lead consultant working for Accenture in Bangalore, India. He has extensive cross-functional experience and has worked on different SAP GFT, roll-off, and support projects. His experience includes technical leadership of SAP BI-BW projects, end users’ interactions for requirements gathering and analysis, translation of user requirements into technical specifications, designing of logical data models, source data capturing mechanisms, data integrity procedures, and overall data warehouse implementation strategies.

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