Six Steps to Creating Great-Looking PDF Reports in BW

  • by Heena Sood, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Information Services, Adobe Systems Inc.
  • May 1, 2004
Distributing your company's static reports to end users using the Portable Document Format (PDF) allows you to tap into the flexibility and document management benefits PDF files provide. The author shows you how to create PDF reports using standard BW functionality, which reduces the strain on your system. She also explains how to configure the BW Reporting Agent and install Adobe Acrobat Distiller software.


The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a universal file format developed by Adobe Systems and modeled after the firm’s PostScript page-description language. You can create great-looking static reports in the PDF using standard BW 2.x and 3.x functionality and Adobe Acrobat software.

PDF reports are compatible with most operating systems and printers, and they can be distributed and viewed electronically regardless of the software or platform used to create the original file. Your end users can view and output their PDF reports on screen or to a printer even if they don’t have access to SAPGUI.

Moving to PDF reports does not require a lot of new software because most companies already use the full version of Acrobat to create and manage their documents. Your end users need only Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the static PDF reports.

Offering static BW reports as PDF files that are refreshed regularly reduces the strain on your BW system because individual users are no longer required to run such reports themselves. They also facilitate more efficient electronic document exchange for collaboration and review, and provide increased document integrity and security.

Heena Sood

Heena Sood is a senior business systems analyst for information services at Adobe Systems, Inc.

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