Speed Up the Subscription Extract Process from CRM to the Mobile Client

  • by Bill Rady, Director of Information Services, State Industrial Products
  • April 15, 2006
Learn how you can reduce the amount of time to process subscription data from mySAP CRM to the mobile clients by re-extracting it.
Key Concept
Publications are data repositories in which the system gathers and organizes data. A particular condition record table (e.g., price condition table A032) is an example of a publication. Subscriptions contain publication information that you can distribute to users as needed. In the case of condition records, a field sales associate may need a certain range of condition table A032 data (e.g., a given customer group). The system identifies this criterion in the subscription, which it assigns to the mobile client.

In our recent Field Sales implementation, my team and I found that the mySAP CRM system can process data via the Administration Console to the mobile clients faster. In turn, the mobile clients can import the data much more efficiently when the extracted data records were blocked (physically grouped together). For example, the first time we processed material master subscriptions, the mobile clients imported 50,000 individual material records from the mySAP CRM system through the replication queues (which are explained in more detail below). At this slow rate, the extraction process would take significantly longer than desired, losing precious time during implementation.

We learned to re-extract the subscription data through SMOEACEX. When we did this, the system sent those same 50,000 material records in blocks of 10, importing only 5,000 blocks of material records to the mobile client. As expected, these 5,000 blocks of material data took much less time to import than the 50,000 individual records. The blocking factor the system applies varies based on the type of record (e.g., material, sales document, condition record) you are extracting and importing.

First, I will explain the replication process involved with the subscription extraction. Then I will describe the steps you may take to extract subscription data via the Administration Console and transaction SMOEACEX. This process, which applies to mySAP CRM 4.0 and above, helps you speed up the extract and data import processes on the mobile client.

Bill Rady

Bill Rady is the Director of Information Services at State Industrial Products.

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