Split One Record into Multiple Records for Reports Using Return Tables

  • by July Hartono, Alpha Net Consulting
  • July 1, 2003
When a report requires that one record be split into multiple records, the method often used is to modify the data in the source system. You can avoid this tedious process by using a hard-to-find BW option called the return table. It allows you to insert ABAP code within an update rule to split the record automatically.


Sometimes a report requires you to create multiple records from one record. People typically do this by modifying the data in the source system—a tedious process. You have a better alternative: the return table. This functionality is not well documented and, as a result, it is not widely used. It is also inconspicuous. To use return tables, you need to be aware of a little check box inside an update rule. Checking this box enables you or your technical team to insert ABAP code that actually splits your records.

I’ll show you an example of how return tables can help you with reports that require you to split records. You can easily apply the process I describe to other situations. My example involves data stored in InfoCubes, but result tables work equally well with data stored in an ODS.

July Hartono

July Hartono has more than six years of experience as an SAP BW consultant. Currently with Alpha Net Consulting, LLC, she has helped several large clients implement BW. Data conversion and extraction, development of custom DataSources, and data modeling are among her best skills. July received mySAP.com Delta Certification for Business Information Warehouse in 2003.

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