Technical Details, Pitfalls, and Application Areas for Using a Central Content System

  • by Robert Braun, CEO and Senior Consultant BI, evivax IT Consulting GmbH
  • November 1, 2007
Use SAP’s Business Content technology to develop your own customer content, which facilitates the deployment of BW applications in a multi-system landscape. Examine the underlying technology and get some tips to avoid common pitfalls when creating a central content system. You’ll also learn what to consider before applying this technology.
Key Concept

Starting with the first releases of BW to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0, SAP delivers Business Content — predefined BW objects and data models that can serve as templates for your own development. You can use these BW objects and data models unchanged or adapt them to fit your requirements.

In most cases a BW development landscape consists of three systems: the development, the acceptance, and the productive systems. How can you handle central development for a company in which several BW systems are in place? A common strategy is to use a central development system, which delivers the applications to several acceptance systems. This strategy works as long as the application is used identically on all target systems. If only the core application is identical on the target systems and you need to adapt it on each system to correspond to local requirements, then introducing a central content system is a useful strategy.

With a central content system, you can:

  • Transport a BW application developed as content to several target systems

  • Activate part of the content in the target system and adapt or enhance it to local requirements

  • Develop and deploy a new content version without influencing activated content used in production on the target system

  • Merge features from a new version of the delivered content with activated, adapted, or enhanced content from an older version

Robert Braun

Dr. Robert Braun has been working with BW since 1998, starting from one of the earliest releases, BW 1.2A, up to SAP NetWeaver 7.0. He has managed various SAP BW and SEM-BPS implementation projects as a consultant. The focus of his latest project was implementing the customer content technology.

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