Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Your SAP CRM Mobile Sales Implementation

  • by Tom Leddy, Principal Engineer, SAP CRM, OfficeMax
  • July 15, 2008
Learn how to install the Mobile Sales application, including the prerequisites required for the installation. Discover a few of the most common problems that arise after the installation and find out how to troubleshoot them.
Key Concept

Mobile Sales is a client application that is installed on each user’s individual machine. It allows users to do their work (such as entering contacts, sales prospects, activities, and opportunities) in offline mode and then synchronize their data with the CRM Server at a later time when a connection is available. Mobile Sales can be a useful tool, particularly for users who travel frequently. However, it’s a client application, so each user’s machine has a separate instance of the application installed on it. This can cause some unique troubleshooting issues not typically seen in other environments.

Supporting SAP CRM Mobile Sales can be difficult because it requires a wide range of skills that a typical help desk person (or even a member of a technical or functional SAP team) may not possess. If an expert support team isn’t available to help alleviate the sales team’s concerns, then this could ultimately lead to abandonment of the Mobile Sales application. For a large user base, end user and product support should not be placed in the hands of just one person, even if that person is the only individual in the organization who encompasses the required skills. With a little effort, you can develop tools to aid in supporting and troubleshooting the Mobile Sales application quickly.

I’ll explain the requirements your systems must meet to implement Mobile Sales and then I’ll go over some typical issues you may encounter and show you how to solve them. I’ll end with a few general tips about places in the system to check when all else fails. Note that to follow these tips, you should be familiar with the Windows registry. For a way to make it easier to support end users who may not be familiar with the Windows registry, refer to the sidebar “Generate a Registry Script to Better Understand Registry Keys.”

Tom Leddy

Tom Leddy is the principal SAP CRM engineer at OfficeMax. He has been working extensively with SAP CRM in various roles since 2004. His primary areas of expertise are Web UI Configuration and Development, Integrating Rich Internet Applications with SAP CRM, Sales, Service, Marketing, and Interaction Center. Tom has a master’s degree in computer science from Governor’s State University.

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