Transferring Global Settings from R/3 to BW

  • by Nathan Genez, Consultant, Serio Consulting
  • January 1, 2003
Here's how you can perform the critical transfer of global data from R/3 to BW during its initial setup using an easy two-step process.


During the initial BW system setup, it is necessary to transfer certain types of global data from the SAP R/3 source system into BW. This ensures that the data reported out of both R/3 and BW is based on the same global settings. For example, financial postings in R/3 from a particular accounting period need to be represented in BW with the same fiscal period. The source data should properly reflect its origin and be assigned to the same accounting period (or exchange rate, unit of measure, and so on) before it is converted to a different value in BW, as is sometimes the case.1

The global settings that need to transfer to BW are source-system dependent and deal primarily with currencies and calendar parameters. Two SAP-delivered programs allow you to make the transfers:RSIMPCUST and RSIMPCURR. The latter transfers exchange rates while the former transfers everything else. If you have year-specific fiscal-year variants in R/3 (a common scenario), you will find the first program, RSIMPCUST, especially useful since you won't have to manually carry out these definitions.

Considering the nature of this global data and how fundamental it is to all R/3 transactions, it is important that these global settings are initially transferred into BW correctly. You will then need to executeRSIMPCURR on a regular basis to maintain the accuracy of the exchange rate settings.

Unfortunately, you will find no system documentation or online help for either program. I'll remedy that situation with this article. I will detail for you how initially transferring all necessary global settings boils down to just a two-step process, one for RSIMPCUST and one for RSIMPCURR. Before I show you everything you need to do to make the transfer, however, let me give you a little background on the global settings and the options available to you for transferring them from R/3 into BW.

Nathan Genez

Nathan Genez is an SAP FI/CO- and SAP BW-certified consultant who has worked with SAP ERP since 1996, with an emphasis on the capital accounting modules: PS, IM, and FI-AA. A former platinum consultant with SAP America, Inc., he has worked with SAP BW since release 1.2B. He is currently a managing partner at Serio Consulting in Houston, Texas.

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