Transport Marketing Attributes into Other CRM Clients

  • by Gil Magana, Principal Consultant, Intelligroup
  • October 15, 2008
Follow these steps to transport marketing attribute master data from your CRM source client to other target clients without having to rework the same data over and over.
Key Concept

The Transport Control Process is a system/utility program that controls transports between SAP systems. This tool serves to organize and relocate customizing and development objects between SAP systems in your landscape.

Marketing attributes and attribute sets are viewed as types of master data in SAP CRM. Only customizing or development objects can be transported into target systems. Due to this reasoning, you cannot use the automated transport control process to push marketing data from the source system into target clients, such as a quality or production environment.

As a result, users are required to manually maintain this data over and over again in all clients that require such data. Not only is this process laborious, but it is also a nuisance. Figure 1 shows the marketing attribute structure, which consists of many tables and table relationships that make it difficult to tie together.

Fortunately, you can use the transport control process in a way that allows you to transfer marketing master data to other system clients — eliminating the need to manually maintain this data repeatedly for each respective client. Follow these steps in SAP CRM to initiate this process. You can carry out this procedure in any CRM release up to and including SAP CRM 2007. No prerequisites are necessary.


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