Troubleshoot Errors Encountered When Launching IC WebClient

  • by Gil Magana, Principal Consultant, Intelligroup
  • January 15, 2006
Follow this process to find out how to display Business Server Page (BSP) applications such as Interaction Center WebClient (IC WebClient) when you receive a "Cannot find server" error message.
Key Concept
A Business Server Page (BSP) application is a complete functional application. Instead of using SAPGUI, you display these applications in a Web or mobile device browser. The browsers use HTTP or HTTPS technology to access BSP applications across networks. For security reasons, all BSP applications are delivered inactive.

The first time you attempt to launch Interaction Center WebClient (IC WebClient) after receiving the mySAP CRM system from your Basis team, you may encounter a frustrating “Cannot find server” error. If this has happened, you may have contacted your technical team to address the problem. However, did you know that you can troubleshoot some of the main causes of the “Cannot find server” error yourself, saving valuable time? I will give you a little background about the technology involved in IC WebClient and provide four basic troubleshooting methods to ensure its successful launch. The techniques I describe here apply to mySAP CRM Release 4.0 and above.

IC WebClient is a Business Server Page (BSP) application (CRM_IC) that consists of sub-applications CRM_IC_RT_REP (runtime repository) and CRM_IC_DT_ REP (design time repository). The runtime repository contains information about the composition and navigation of application components (view sets, views, and areas) at runtime. The design time repository includes all data not necessary at runtime and is separated from the runtime repository for performance reasons.


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