UI Patterns Make Complex Templates Easier to Configure

  • by Glen Leslie, BI Product Manager, SAP Labs
  • November 1, 2004
User Interface (UI) Patterns are SAP BI Web templates that are based on popular patterns in layout designs and elements used in Web pages. They allow developers to push decision details regarding Web template content down to end users without sacrificing quality or control. Learn more about these patterns and how to create and edit them.
Key Concept
UI Patterns are preconfigured SAP BI Web content available as templates within the SAP BI 3.5.2 Content Add-On. Based on common layouts, they provide template uniformity and allow end users to plug data providers into Web templates as well as enhance basic content elements without extensive Web development.

If you’re looking to offer your end users an easier way to configure Web templates, the new UI Patterns feature in SAP BW 3.5 might put an end to your search. UI Patterns provide preconfigured layouts to help users make important design decisions such as where to place icons, menus, tables, and content. The benefits to pattern-based design include reduced template creation effort, design consistency across Web pages, and less potential for end-user error.

UI Patterns are based on SAP client feedback and are part of the SAP BI 3.5.x Content Add-Ons. Content Add- Ons are content layers that sit on the SAP BW 3.5 technology.

SAP is launching three types of UI Patterns as a way of providing better Web-based interfaces in the SAP BW 3.5 technology layer. They range in complexity to meet the various analytical and reporting needs of SAP BI end users.

Note that since the launch of SAP NetWeaver ‘04, SAP has been phasing out the term SAP Business Information Warehouse and SAP BW. You’ll still see references to “SAP BW 3.5” or “SAP BW 3.0B” for historical purposes, but I use the term SAP BI for what was formerly known as SAP Business Information Warehouse.

Glen Leslie

Glen Leslie is a product manager for SAP’s Business Intelligence solution. Originally a data warehousing consultant, Glen has been working with SAP BW since the 1.2B release in a variety of environments.

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