Use Authorization Objects to Provide Flexible BW Security

  • by Raju Veludandi, BW Practice Director, Compugra Systems, Inc.
  • July 1, 2004
BW security is different and often more difficult to implement than R/3. The author explains how to secure the data in your BW system, focusing on several key points. He discusses authorization objects, transaction code components, and the relationship between them. Examples show you how to provide your users with a flexible and safe system.

BW systems demand large volumes of both current and historical data to efficiently provide important business reporting for decision makers. Many who are responsible for BW global implementations overlook the risks posed by this data with a false notion that BW security is simply a matter of controlling a few areas, such as cost centers, plants, purchasing groups, business areas, and company codes. Perhaps they think that BW security, is similar to R/3 security and uses R/3 security methods such as restricting the transaction codes.

The truth is that BW security implementation is not as easy a task as R/3 security, and it is entirely different. Savvy BW administrators go beyond simply restricting access and focus on securing what really matters — the data itself.

As an OLTP system, R/3 uses an almost endless number of transaction codes. To a large extent, security in R/3 focuses on restricting user activities by limiting specific transaction codes and field values. This is an effective approach because users need access to only those areas relevant to the specific functions they perform, and these users can be easily excluded from many of the system’s transactions and fields. The authorization object S_TCODE primarily drives the user’s security.

Raju Veludandi

Raju Veludandi is BW Practice Director at Compugra Systems Inc. with experience in BW design and development. He has set up security models for many BW and SEM implementations, and is certified by SAP in BW 3.0. With over six years experience on different SAP implementations, Raju has worked with major clients such as Eli Lilly, Mass Mutual, Nike, Synopsis, and Hewlett- Packard. He is currently working with HP.

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