Use These Five Steps to Define the Visibility of Agent Phone Numbers for Outbound Calls

  • by Olivier Lempert, Senior Consultant, ecenta AG
  • January 20, 2011
Learn in a few steps how to display or hide agents’ phone numbers as they call specific CRM business partners using integration between SAP CRM and SAP Business Communications Management. The changes you need to make involve marketing attributes, a modification of the business partner’s phone number before it reaches the dial pad, and specific routing rules in SAP Business Communications Management and in the gateway.
Key Concept
SAP Business Communications Management is an inbound and outbound telephony and contact center solution based on open IT standards that can be installed and integrated with SAP CRM.

Sometimes companies or individuals wish to make outbound calls temporarily unidentified   to prevent being called back directly or to lower and filter possible inbound calls. This behavior is mainly observed in call centers. You can activate this feature on all types of phones to hide the phone number when it goes across the network. There are two common ways to enable this feature:

  • One technique, which companies use especially on older phone models, is to dial a specific number in front of the desired phone number. This then sends the operator a flag, which stops the transmission of the number.
  • Another technique used universally is to alter the setting options in a phone to enable or disable the number display. By selecting this setting, the network stops reporting the caller ID information when transmitting the call.

To achieve this functionality in an SAP CRM computer telephony integration deployment, a mixture of both techniques is necessary. Integrating SAP CRM and SAP Business Communications Management by taking the following five steps allows you to define whether to display a sender’s outgoing phone number for specific CRM business partners.  

Step 1. Create and Assign Marketing Attributes

SAP CRM uses marketing attributes to easily enhance business partner master data with new information and fields that are not currently available. The focus in this first step is to create a new attribute set, attribute, and values, and assign these to a business partner in SAP CRM. In this case, when assigned to a specific business partner, the attribute controls the visibility of the caller’s number when this partner is called.

Olivier Lempert

Olivier Lempert is a senior consultant at ecenta AG in Walldorf, Germany, and has three years of experience in SAP CRM, with an emphasis on the financial services and leasing industry. With a background in technical and functional consulting, he has contributed to many successful SAP CRM projects worldwide.

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