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by Siddhartha Datta Choudhury, Senior Architect, Infosys | February 11, 2014
When CRM is integrated with SAP ERP HCM, creating an employee in HCM is supposed to trigger the creation of a business partner (BP) with an employee role in CRM. However, that doesn’t always happen. Siddhartha Datta Choudhury shows how to generate business partners in employee roles for these missing employees in CRM and assign them to the organizational model.

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by John Burton, Director Solution Management, SAP Interaction Center & Social CRM, SAP | William R. Pritchett, Senior Business Process Engineer, Dow Corning Corporation | February 10, 2014
CRM – 

William R. Pritchett and John Burton show how to identify older sales opportunities as closed and automatically remove them from searches. This helps keep salespeople focused on current opportunities.

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by Navin Advani, Senior Manager, SAP Practice, Deloitte | Iwan Santoso, Specialist Master, SAP Practice, Deloitte | Abhay Borwankar, Director, SAP Practice, Deloitte | December 16, 2013
BI/CRM/SAP Professional Journal – 

In this article from Navin Advani, Iwan Santoso, and Abhay Borwankar, see how HANA can speed up complex pricing calculations for online Web-based order entry, which is becoming a prime channel of engagement.

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by Rajiv Bali, SAP CRM Consultant, SAP India Pvt. Ltd | November 25, 2013

Rajiv Bali shows you how to integrate some of your HR processes with SAP CRM Shared Services Framework, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Learn the required configuration to integrate these two systems.

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by Nagur V. Kanna, Manager, Capgemini US LLC | Akarsh Ravi, Manager, Capgemini US LLC | November 7, 2013
CRM – 

Nagur V. Kanna and Akarsh Ravi describe ways to increase system speed when working with cumbersome, performance-draining documents.

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by Sruthi Jain, CRM Consultant, SAP | October 21, 2013
CRM/HR/SAP Professional Journal – 
Sruthi Jain explains how to customize customer surveys for different scenarios in the shared-services framework add-on for SAP CRM 7.0.


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by Praveen Peddibhotla, Principal-Management Consulting Services, Infosys | Anand Agarwal, SAP CRM Technical Architect, Infosys | Raghurama Gurrala, Lead Consultant, Infosys | September 17, 2013
CRM – 

Praveen Peddibhotla, Anand Agarwal, and Raghurama Gurrala explain how to set up campaign discounts in SAP CRM, ensure that discounts flow to the back-end SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) system to be processed with minimal manual intervention, and, in cases in which there are multiple valid campaign codes, that campaign codes are able to be changed after the order is placed.