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by Martin Naraschewski, Vice President and Head of Finance Solutions, SAP | August 28, 2014
Financials – 

In this video Martin Naraschewski walks you through an overview of SAP Collections and Dispute Management, SAP Credit Management, and SAP Biller Direct.

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by Chirag Chokshi, Associate Director, SAP Financials, SITA Corp. | August 27, 2014
Financials – 

Chirag Chokshi explains how to define a worklist and assign an exchange rate for a specific currency.

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by Paul Ovigele, ERP Financials Consultant | August 27, 2014
Financials – 

In this video Paul Ovigele discusses strategies to overcome one of the most common pain points associated with costing-based profitability analysis (CO-PA) — reconciling it with the SAP General Ledger.

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by Gordon Roland, SAP Security, Controls, and GRC Solutions Senior Consultant, PwC | August 14, 2014
Financials/SAP Professional Journal – 

Internal mistakes, fraud, and vendor inconsistencies all can wreak havoc on your accounts payable and purchasing activities. In this video Gordon Roland of PwC explains how to implement both standard ERP and SAP GRC functionality to solve these common problems within the purchase-to-payables process.

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by Henner Schliebs, Senior Director, Analytics Strategic Product Marketing, SAP | August 14, 2014
BI/Financials/SAP Professional Journal – 

In this video Henner Schliebs of SAP explains how you can leverage SAP HANA in combination with SAP's analytics solutions to help finance teams derive meaningful insights, in real time, and to predict trends and act decisively.

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by Richard Downs, Director, Business Network Strategy, Ariba | August 14, 2014
Financials/SCM – 

In this video Richard Downs explains how adding the collaborative technology of the Ariba Network enables companies using SAP ERP Financials to more easily connect with external trading partners to fuel better commerce.

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by Gary Prewett, Senior SAP Security Consultant, NIMBL | July 31, 2014
SAP Professional Journal/Financials – 

Gary Prewett explains how to configure SAP Access Control and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) to detect cross-system risk.