6 Quick Tips to Get Your Financial System Off to a Flying Start

  • by Dr. Stef G.M. Cornelissen, MBA, SAP Business Consultant, Sperry Partners BV
  • March 15, 2004
The stress of resuming normal business after go-live or an upgrade generally leads to chaos, frustration, and costly support. The author explains how to avoid this undesirable situation through six key tips to help employees navigate through the uncertainty of dealing with a new or upgraded system.

A large multinational corporation paid two consultants for a year to prepare and execute financial training for its European rollout. After go-live, most people had forgotten the training, and a chaotic situation reigned for at least four months. Additional expensive support was essential to clean up mistakes and to raise administrative quality. I've found that this is not an exception, but very much the rule — an expensive rule causing cost, frustration, and hostility toward a new SAP system. Of course, go-live is stressful, but some simple actions can alleviate most of the pain. This article provides six tips I've gathered during go-lives that you can adapt to your business to get your financial employees off to a good start. These tips also apply when you add new functionality or upgrade your system.

Send a "favorites" file to users. Favorites files help to cut down searching time in the extensive SAP tree, but to create them, users first need to find the transactions. At a recent project, we introduced favorites during training. We entered each transaction that was part of the training in a favorites folder. After concluding the training, the favorites structure was downloaded to a file and sent by email to participants. They uploaded the favorites when the production system became available. We created a go-live kit that was mailed to all users on the first day, which included a reminder about uploading the favorites file.

After you create a favorites structure, you can download it through the menu path Favorites>Download to PC (Figure 1). Uploading the file is done through Favorites>Upload from PC. The new favorites are added to the existing ones. This means that distribution of favorites can also be used later.

Figure 1
Download favorites to local PC

Dr. Stef G.M. Cornelissen

Dr. Stef G.M. Cornelissen, MBA, is an experienced international SAP business consultant from the Netherlands with certifications in FI, CO, and SD. He took part in important international projects involving the large Dutch multinationals. Before specializing in SAP, he worked as a management consultant and was a senior advisor to the Board of Directors of the University of Nijmegen. Stef's academic background is in business administration, economics, and organizational science. He is the owner of Bowstring BV and principal partner at Sperry Associates.

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