Access Asset Accounting Customizing with One Transaction Code by Bringing Back ORFA

  • by Nathan Genez, Consultant, Serio Consulting
  • July 15, 2002
Transaction code ORFA used to be the preferred method of directly accessing the asset subledger for customizing. In R/3 4.6, ORFA functionality is still there, but hidden. This article explains how to make it active again.

R/3 used to offer a way for you to access FI’s Asset Accounting customizing with a single transaction code, ORFA. In fact, it was the traditional approach to customizing the asset subledger. As of release 3.0, the Implementation Guide (IMG) became the preferred approach to R/3 customizing, but the old menu based ORFA was still available.

With release 3.0D, SAP stopped maintaining ORFA and eliminated it completely with release 4.0B. ORFA returned in a limited form with release 4.5 due to response from the Asset Accounting user community, but was not updated when 4.6 was released.

In spite of all these changes, there is still a way to bring back ORFA functionality and directly access the customizing for Asset Accounting. All it takes is some investigation and an SAP-delivered function module.

By performing the three steps that follow, you can once again have direct access to the FI-AA portion of the IMG. In fact, these steps will provide the same direct access to other R/3 modules if the correct structure ID value is used.

Nathan Genez

Nathan Genez is an SAP FI/CO- and SAP BW-certified consultant who has worked with SAP ERP since 1996, with an emphasis on the capital accounting modules: PS, IM, and FI-AA. A former platinum consultant with SAP America, Inc., he has worked with SAP BW since release 1.2B. He is currently a managing partner at Serio Consulting in Houston, Texas.

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