An Easy Way to Control the Formula Editor View by a User-Specific Parameter

  • by Maria Nikolova, SAP Senior Expert, National Electricity Company
  • April 15, 2008
You can assign formulas and logical statements to validations and substitutions in Asset Accounting via Formula Editor. You can control the view of this tool by a standard user-specific parameter.
Key Concept

You can maintain substitutions for mass changes to assets via transaction code SM30 (maintain table views), table view V_T093SB_2 (change view substitution in bulk changes), or directly via transaction code OA02 (substitution: mass changes to assets). To have access to maintain data via OA02, you need the following authorizations:

  • Authorization object S_TCODE field TCD: transaction code OA02
  • Authorization object S_TABU_DIS field ACTVT: 01 (create), 02 (change), 03 (display), and field DICBERCLS: AS (this value is for the authorization group; it is defined by SAP for maintenance of table view V_T093SB_2). You can define authorization groups based on your own needs. Typically they are authorization objects combined with an activity.

Every person who uses Formula Editor for creating a business logic in Asset Accounting (FI-AA) substitutions and validations should be familiar with the user-specific parameter that controls the view of Formula Editor. It allows you to enter formulas by using the available mathematical functions. It is a standard R/3 tool and you do not need to know any ABAP coding to apply business logic to data records. This article applies to R/3 4.6C and higher.

I’ll describe four cases for the user-specific parameter GBD (validation: user-specific customizing). The choice you make for the parameter is often a matter of preference, and I’ll discuss those in the beginning of each section. The four cases are:

  • GBD = D (D stands for description)
  • GBD = T (T stands for technical names)
  • GBD = E (E stands for expert mode)
  • GBD = ‘ ’ (no value)

Maria Nikolova

Maria Nikolova has worked as a senior SAP expert for the National Electricity Company (NEK) in Bulgaria since January 1999. Maria has a master’s degree in telecommunications as an engineer from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has experience with an MIS project implementation of SAP R/3 (headquarters and rollout), the authorization concept and user administration, SAP Customer Competence Center (SAP CCC) , SRM, and the SD, HR, CO, Asset Management (AM), MM, and PM modules. Prior to joining NEK, she worked as a manager of Equipment Engineering Ltd. for four years.

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