Ask the FI/CO Expert: "Can the 'Special Fields' Settings Be Made Available to End Users?"

  • by Kim Ciesla, Senior Financial Consultant and Instructor, SAP America
  • February 15, 2002
This month's "Ask the FI/CO Expert" question concerns ABAP List Viewer (ALV) functionality that was introduced in R/3 Release 4.6: specifically, how to make the "Special Fields" (such as Material #, Quantity, User name, and Entry date) available to end users. As this article explains, the secret is to run two quick ABAP programs after you have changed the Yes/No settings.
Key Concept

Dear Marc,

Good question! I have an answer I think you’ll like. I’ll include some step-by-step instructions for you. Let me start with a brief background on this topic of Line Layouts and Special Fields for any readers who have not yet worked with this functionality.

Your question refers to the ABAP List Viewer (ALV) functionality, introduced with R/3 release 4.6. It is pretty awesome! It has enhanced the "Display/Change Line Items" screens in the transactions used for researching customer account, vendor account, and G/L account activity.

You can more easily do sorting, totaling, summing, and/or even downloading your data to a spreadsheet with the ALV, since the groups of displayed fields (called "Line Layouts") are no longer fixed, pre-assembled objects that your FI/CO configuration team has to create for you. Instead, you can create your Line Layouts on the fly and change them without a thought about configuration.

This month’s FI/CO expert, Kim Ciesla, a Senior Financial Consultant in SAP America’s Chicago office, answers a question from Marc Barkin. Marc is a Senior Manager Financial Systems Liaison at Sony Electronics, Inc. His question concerns the "Special Fields" settings, and how they can be made available to end users.


Dear FI/CO Expert,

In R/3 release 4.6, the totaling and subtotaling functionality available in the "Display/Change Document Line Items" transactions for analyzing the activity posted to Customer, Vendor, and G/L accounts is a big improvement over our prior version (3.1I). And, it is much easier for each person to make his or her own Line Layouts.

But, my question is about some additional fields considered "Special Fields" that were defined in some of our 3.1 layouts. These include the Material #, the Quantity, the User name, and the Entry date fields.

On the menubar of the Display/Change screen, I have seen the menupath to add fields to the "Special Fields" screen. However, the settings I make there do not seem to make any difference?!

What are we doing wrong?

Marc Batkin

Kim Ciesla

Kim Ciesla is a senior financial consultant and instructor with SAP America, supporting and implementing SAP R/3 Financials. Kim has worked at SAP America for 19 years and has developed expertise in the areas of Collections and Dispute Management, lockbox, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, with an extensive background in cross-application functionality. In her free time, she is a world traveler, visiting 41 countries to date.

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