Ask the FI/CO Expert: Changing an Active "Group Currency" Setting with the SLO (System Landscape Optimization) Toolkit

  • by Ali Sarraf
  • September 15, 2002
Your only option for changing your group currency might be to use SAP's SLO, which provides tools to deal with change to production R/3 systems.
On the surface, this month’s question seems to deal with the topic of euro conversions in the FI module. However, according to our guest expert, ICM America Managing Director Ali Sarraf, it actually can be addressed by an emerging form of support for “live” SAP R/3 sites known as System Landscape Optimization, or SLO.

Dear FI/CO Expert,

    My question is in regard to changing the group currency in our SAP system. In our current FI/CO module (release 3.1I), we use NLG (Netherlands guilder) for one of our company codes as both the local (legal) and the second (group) currency.

    We are in the process of an upgrade to 4.6C. We have changed our corporate structure and with the global changes in the euro, I would like to change the group currency from NLG to euro. I have been unable to find any documentation that details what needs to be configured in the system or if this change can be made. Currently, the configuration will not allow me to change the field.

    Are you aware of any other companies that have had this issue with changing to the euro in the group currency?

Thank You,
Gail C.
(company name withheld)

Ali Sarraf

Ali Sarraf is the managing partner at Enowa Consulting. He has 15 years of experience as a senior consultant for SAP Business Suite applications and 20 years of IT experience. During much of his career, he has focused on helping customers optimize their logistics business processes by analyzing and explaining cause-and-effect relationships and by bringing the machine and the human sides of IT closer together.

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