Ask the FI/CO Expert: "Do I Need to Create Rules Concerning Address Printing on Accounts Payable Checks?"

  • by Sue Stack
  • April 15, 2002
This month's FI/CO expert answers a question from Paula Gennari, an Accounts Payable manager for a $100 million/year plastics manufacturer in Massachusetts. Her question concerns annoying mystery her department has experienced with their recently installed SAP R/3 system in regard to check printing-the Automatic Payment Program for their non-U.S. vendors does not print the name of the country in the address section of the checks. She wonders if the SAPscript form is missing some kind of ABAP logic to read the country codes of non-U.S. vendors. Sue Stack is an expert at SAPscript, but her recommendation is to first look for a possible missing checkbox setting in the IMG's Country customization.
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This month’s FI/CO expert, Sue Stack, an SAPScript expert with New Alliance Associates, Inc., answers a question from Paula Gennari, an Accounts Payable manager for a plastics manufacturer in the southwestern part of Massachusetts. Paula’s department has experienced an annoying mystery with its recently installed SAP R/3 system with regard to check printing, and it wonders if the programmers forgot to include some needed ABAP logic. Sue is an expert at SAPScript, but her recommendation is to first look for a possible missing checkbox setting in the IMG’s Country customization.

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your question. I think we can diagnose your problem! The first place to look, however, is actually not in your SAPScript form. Yes, it is logical to put instructions in there regarding which information to print from the Vendor Master (such as country code), and under what conditions (such as "foreign vendors only").

In reality, however, your SAP system already comes delivered with that logic as an optional feature! If we want it turned on, we just need to know how to activate it.

To help you understand the role played by this optional feature, let’s first compare two alternative ways you can set up the formatting instructions — the final step in the address printing process:

  • Giving R/3 the formatting instructions via a formatting program. The easiest way to give R/3 instructions on printing your vendor’s address on your hard copy checks is to ask R/3 to use the standard SAP formatting function called "ADDRESS."

    For example, the scary-looking code in Figure 1 (next page) is what we SAPScript folks would put into part of the Layout Set (or "Form") called a "Page Window." Here, I am merely asking R/3 to use the ADDRESS function, and I am passing the function some needed data values — for example, the country of the vendor (the "COUNTRY" variable) and the country code of "Paying Company Code" (the "FROMCOUNTRY" variable).

Sue Stack

Sue Stack has been implementing SAPScript since 1993 as a consultant with New Alliance Associates, Inc. In a prior life, Sue enjoyed occasional days on the wild side, including the original Woodstock concert and serving in the US Air Force — we’re not sure which of these she considers more on the wild side. In her words, "I am still trying to decide."

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