Ask the FI/CO Expert: When Printing Multiple Checks in a Payment Run, How Does R/3 Decide Which One to Print First, Second, Third, and So On?

  • by Kim Ciesla, Senior Financial Consultant and Instructor, SAP America
  • July 15, 2002
Learn how the the Payment Method Supplements option can help make your check print runs more efficient by grouping different types of payments.
Key Concept

This month’s question deals with the interaction between the two places in Accounts Payable that you can use to impact which checks in a Payment Run come off the printer first, which come off second, and so forth. Guest consultant Kim Ciesla, a senior financial consultant in SAP America’s Chicago office, provides the answer.

Dear FI/CO Expert,

In an attempt to control the sequence in which my once-a-week payment runs print checks, I have recently tried to implement Payment Method Supplement codes, and am having trouble getting the desired results. To be honest, I’m not even certain what to ask you for help with other than ... well ... a list of "how to implement" steps. With that, I could compare what I have set up so far to that list. That would help a lot!

-Gloria Buganski

Hi Gloria,

If you implement the payment program, questions about Payment Method Supplements invariably come up. Of course, as with many functionalities in R/3, the Payment Method Supplement option can work or not work based on something specific going on at your particular site. So, I cannot guarantee that the following step-by-step guide will exorcise whatever is haunting your current attempt to get the functionality working. Just the same, here is a list I put together from a recent project. The version of R/3 that I base these on is 4.6C.

To get everyone up to speed on the use of Payment Method Supplements, I’ll begin with a quick rundown of why controlling the sequence of checks can come in handy and essentials about the process. Then, I’ll detail the step-by-step instructions.

Kim Ciesla

Kim Ciesla is a senior financial consultant and instructor with SAP America, supporting and implementing SAP R/3 Financials. Kim has worked at SAP America for 19 years and has developed expertise in the areas of Collections and Dispute Management, lockbox, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, with an extensive background in cross-application functionality. In her free time, she is a world traveler, visiting 41 countries to date.

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