Collect All Actual Costs on Production Orders in One Report for Month-End Analysis

  • by Naveen Sharma, FI/CO Consultant
  • February 15, 2007
You can use the Report Painter tool under Product Cost Controlling in the IMG to display actual cost, work in process, and variances for all of the production orders in a plant on one report.
Key Concept

To have the break-up of total production variances on the reports in Product Cost Controlling, you need to make sure you set your system to split the total variance on production orders into different categories. These categories are predefined by SAP and explain the reason for a variance. This customization, in addition to the assignment of the variance key to the production orders, ensures that the system breaks up total variances on the order into different variance categories during variance calculation in transaction KKS2. This allows detailed analysis of production variances and helps in understanding how the actual process differs from the standard process. If this customization is missing, then you cannot split the production variance into variance categories.

You can simplify your month-end analysis by creating one report that displays all of the costs for your production orders. Production and accounting departments at the month end want to know which orders carry above-average work in process (WIP) and which orders resulted in more production variances. For example, they may want to see which orders have only debits from the goods issue and no credits from the goods received into inventory. They then can check with the shop floor to discover the reason for the delay in goods receipts.

In business environments with hundreds of orders opened and closed in a month, a detailed analysis of all orders isn’t feasible. It is important to have one report so you can quickly scan all of the costs on the orders. This helps you to zero in on orders that require further detailed cost analysis.

You access the standard reports for production orders by following SAP Easy Access menu path Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Cost Object Controlling > Product cost by order > Information system > Reports for Product Cost by Order. Different standard reports display actual costs, WIP, and variances on the order. However, users have to shuffle through different standard reports for actual costs, WIP, and individual variance categories, respectively. This could be confusing if you are trying to see the values for the same orders across different reports. You would have to download data from different SAP reports into Microsoft Excel and combine these downloads to have one view with all of the details.

I am going to provide steps for using Report Painter under Product Cost Controlling in the IMG to create such a report. It can cut the time you would have to spend on downloading and consolidating data and allows you to move quickly to analysis.

Naveen Sharma

Naveen Sharma is an FI/CO consultant. He is SAP certified in CO and has more than five years of SAP experience in implementations, production support, and upgrades. In addition, he has four years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

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