Enhancement Package 5 Includes Fixed Asset Segment Reporting Improvements

  • by Nathan Genez, Consultant, Serio Consulting
  • May 17, 2010
New features in enhancement package 5 change the way you report fixed assets. Walk through some of these features and see how they’ll affect you.
Key Concept
SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement package 5 includes new functionality in the Asset Accounting (FI-AA) area related to reorganization capabilities. SAP has extended the account assignment options to include profit center and segment and has enforced stricter controls regarding changes to the asset’s cost object assignment.
It goes without saying that master data forms the backbone of a well-designed ERP system. Virtually every process in ERP requires interacting with and analyzing this type of data. Within the accounting realm of SAP ERP, the profit center is one of the most prominent master data objects. It is also referenced by several other master data records ranging throughout the SAP ERP system, including assets in FI, cost centers and orders in CO, projects and networks in project system (PS), sales orders and production orders in sales and distribution (SD) and production planning (PP), and materials in materials management (MM). Most transactions generate financial postings due to SAP’s integration throughout the logistics, HR, and accounting modules, so it’s difficult to think of a significant activity in SAP ERP that isn’t relevant to profit center accounting (PCA).

Nathan Genez

Nathan Genez is an SAP FI/CO- and SAP BW-certified consultant who has worked with SAP ERP since 1996, with an emphasis on the capital accounting modules: PS, IM, and FI-AA. A former platinum consultant with SAP America, Inc., he has worked with SAP BW since release 1.2B. He is currently a managing partner at Serio Consulting in Houston, Texas.

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