How to Align MM and FI Document Numbers in Logistics Invoice Verification

  • by Martin Ullmann, President, DAP Consulting
  • May 15, 2004
In SAP Release 4.6C and above, Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) replaces conventional invoice verification for invoices related to purchase orders. The author explains how the change in invoice verification methods leads to different MM and FI document numbers, and how to align them.

If you are planning to upgrade to SAP Release 4.6C or higher or have done so already, you will be required to use Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) instead of conventional invoice verification for your purchase order-related invoices.

As of Release 4.6C, SAP has stopped developing new functionality for conventional invoice verification (MR01) and has advised its clients to use LIV (MIRO) instead. You will not notice it, but the change to LIV is also a change in the SAP module used for invoice verification.

Conventional invoice verification was a function within FI. However, LIV is a function within MM. The system therefore creates two documents for invoices in LIV — one MM document and one FI document. In conventional invoice verification, only one FI document was created.

Along with the module change comes a problem that can cause headaches and frustration, especially in your accounts payable (A/P) department. The document numbers of an invoice in MM and FI are not the same! This is a problem, particularly when you need to reverse a posted invoice.

To reverse an invoice posted with LIV, you execute transaction MR8M (cancel invoice document). This transaction requires the invoice document number and the fiscal year as input fields. To get the MM document number, you need to dig into the FI document and get the MM document number from the field Reference key of the document header. (See Figure 1.) In the case of a posted LIV invoice, the reference key field consists of all fields of the MM document — i.e., the first 10 characters of the MM document number followed by the fiscal year.

Martin Ullmann

Martin Ullmann is president of DAP Consulting, which specializes in public sector industries. He has more than 12 years of experience with SAP R/3. His main area of expertise lies in the FI/CO
area, with focus on new components, integration, enhancements, and business process improvements.

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