How to Set Up the Fiori Clear Incoming Payments App for Use in a Launchpad

  • by Katharina Reichert, Finance Solutions, SAP SE
  • December 18, 2015
SAP S/4HANA Finance delivers improved business processes with a new user experience. Transactions that have not been changed in 15 years have received a complete face-lift, and how users access the transactions within their processes has also completely changed. Learn the technical aspects of the Fiori interface implementation based on a classic accounts receivable (FI-AR) transaction to clear incoming payments.
Learning Objectives

After reading this article, you’ll know how to:

  • Use the Clear Incoming Payments Fiori app for the accounts receivable processes
  • Use the Launchpad to access Fiori apps
  • Implement Fiori apps
Key Concept
The Fiori app called Clear Incoming Payments helps a receivables account manually match an incoming payment to open customer invoices in the event that the system cannot automatically match and clear the incoming payments. The transaction executed in the app has been simplified to require fewer clicks and screen changes.

In a perfect world, a bank payment that is received from customer Acme, Inc., for $100 would be automatically matched to a single $100 open receivables invoice in your ERP system, and your receivables accountant could lean back and relax. In the real world, a payment for $100 from Acme has to be matched against 17 invoices ranging from $1 to $19, and it is unclear which invoices should be cleared—and whether early payment discount terms should be applied.

SAP developed the Clear Incoming Payments app after extensive end-user interviews. In this use case, I explain how the Clear Incoming Payments app supports an accountant in her attempts to clarify the payment, to match it to the correct open invoices or credit memos, and clear the payment manually.

Consider this scenario. An accountant wants to view a worklist of payments she is responsible for matching. To view these payments, she logs on to S/4HANA and clicks a tile in the Fiori Launchpad called Clear Incoming Payments. These payments can be sorted by customer, date, and amount or status. After a single payment is selected for clearing, the main Clear Incoming Payments screen displays the open items for the customer account (Figure 1). One or more can be selected, and the payment is posted, clearing the open items. The accountant has direct access to the accounts payable contact information for the customer in case she needs to call the customer to discuss the situation. She can also change the discount settings of the transaction, or view the simulated journal entries that a posting would create. Finally, if the clearing of open items is not possible, she can post the payment to a general ledger (G/L) account or on the customer account, without clearing open items.

Figure 1
The main processing screen for Clear Incoming Payments

For this scenario, the top of the screen in Figure 1 shows the accountant an incoming payment amount of €11,662. In the main table area, the Open Items for the customer account are presented on the left. The accountant chose the second item by clicking the Clear >> button, which brings that amount to the right side of the table. The Balance at the top right shows a difference of €238 between the payment and the open amount.

Katharina Reichert

Katharina Reichert is part of the Finance Solutions team at SAP SE, located in Walldorf, Germany. As the solution owner for receivables management, she focuses on applications for customer credit management, customer billing, dispute resolution, and collections management.

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