Improve Efficiency of Data Analysis by Enhancing Project System Hierarchy Reports

  • by Joe Hailstone, Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • August 17, 2011
Enhance standard Project System (PS) hierarchy reports to meet common user requirements. Learn how you can make changes to commonly run hierarchy reports to provide added flexibility and improve efficiencies when analyzing data.
Key Concept
Forms are critical components of Project System (PS) hierarchy reports that specify the key figures and characteristics that appear on the reports. Key figures are statistics reflecting the way balances are stored, such as Overall $ in Controlling Area Currency. Characteristics are assigned to the key figures. For example, you may want to display plan costs. In this case, a form would use the key figure Overall $ in Controlling Area Currency, and the characteristics value type and plan version would be assigned to the key figure.

By enhancing reports, users can improve efficiency by reducing the number of reports needed to obtain the desired information. This can be done, for example, by enhancing a report to include both plan and budgeted costs. You can make other enhancements by adding selection parameters to allow more precise information to be displayed — for example, by allowing data to be selected by company code. This is especially important for companies that have a large number of projects to be analyzed.

You can easily enhance Project System (PS) hierarchy reports using standard SAP transactions. Described below are steps that allow you how to revise standard hierarchy reports to meet three commonly requested enhancements:

  • Changing the output type (classic versus graphical view)
  • Adding fields to the selection screen (e.g., company code, reporting period, or currency)
  • Adding columns (e.g., adding a budget column to a plan report)

You see all the relevant transactions for enhancing PS hierarchy reports by following menu path Accounting > Project Systems > Information Systems > Tools > Hierarchy Reports (Figure 1).

Joe Hailstone

Joe Hailstone has more than 14 years of SAP experience and 16 years of business experience. He has provided SAP consulting services to clients in the energy, retail, insurance, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries. He specializes in project and asset accounting.

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