Improve User Productivity by Streamlining SAP Transactions with GuiXT

  • by Akhilesh Mittal, Lead Consultant, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
  • February 18, 2010
Understand how to use GuiXT with the SAP front end to improve end-user productivity. Know the flexibility offered by GuiXT for customizing SAP transaction screens to make them simpler. Understand how customizations made by GuiXT are restricted to only those users who need them.
Key Concept
GuiXT is a scripting tool that is used with the SAP front end. GuiXT enables customized SAP transaction screens to cater to users’ role-specific requirements. You can modify SAP screens using GuiXT without changing the SAP code so the business logic of the SAP processes remains unchanged. Simplified custom screens improve user productivity and accuracy.

SAP transaction screens have a standard user interface (UI) design that controls the look and feel of the transactions accessed by end users. Specific functionalities and fields on a transaction screen are based on the user’s role and job requirements. Often these functionalities and fields are spread across multiple screens. For example, users from purchasing, planning, and finance all access material master information in their SAP system using transaction code MM03. Material master information is maintained in multiple tab screens in the SAP system. Users need to access all relevant screens consecutively to view this information.

Browsing through multiple screens is time consuming and counter-productive for users. It also raises the concern of accuracy if the multiple transaction screens are used for data maintenance. You can address these concerns by using GuiXT. GuiXT changes the look and feel of SAP transaction screens without making any changes to SAP code or business logic. You can add, delete, or modify specific fields and screens for an SAP transaction to optimize the screen display for the user. You can rename field texts according to industry parlance and add usage tips for fields on the screen.  

This article is relevant for SAP R/3 4.6B and newer SAP ERP systems. I’ll cover three main sections:

  • Activate GuiXT for use with SAP transactions
  • Use GuiXT on SAP transaction codes and understand its benefits
  • Restrict the use of GuiXT to specific users

GuiXT is freely available to use with your SAP system, but its three additional components, InputAssistant, Viewer, and Designer, need to be licensed.

Akhilesh Mittal

Akhilesh Mittal is a lead SAP consultant at Infosys Technologies Ltd. with eight years of consulting and industry experience. He has experience in FI and CO along with exposure to SD. Akhilesh is currently a consultant in the SAP space for a leading organization in the high technology domain. He has a degree in electronics and communication engineering from IIT Guwahati and an MBA in finance and systems from IIM Lucknow.

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