Improving the Fit of the Standard FI/CO System to Your Site's Specific Business Requirements with User Exits, Enhancements, and Events

  • by Tami Becker, SAP Platinum Consultant
  • June 15, 2002
The author describes three ways to make enhancements to features without modifying the standard code. This provides a great deal of added flexibility to the FI/CO modules.

In almost every R/3 implementation, a company asks repeatedly: "How can we enhance this feature or that feature without making a modification to the standard code?"1 This is especially true in the FI/CO modules.

The answer is generally referred to as a "User Exit," a spot in the processing of an end-user transaction where someone on the customization team can insert site-specific processing logic or business rules that then become a permanent part of that transaction. And just to get the vocabulary straight, although project team members often refer to these "customization spots" as "User Exits," that SAP term is actually just one of three that serve a similar purpose. The other two are "SAP Enhancements" and "Business Transaction Events."

Since all three typically offer a great deal of needed flexibility to the FI/CO modules, I wanted to share with you some answers to frequently asked questions about them and at the end of this article is a do-it-yourself exercise for those of you who would like to learn by doing.

Tami Becker

Tami has been working with SAP R/3 for about eight years and really enjoys the software and its constant challenges. Her focus has been with reporting, FI, SPL, SAP Enhancements, Euro, DART, Conversions, and now Contract Accounting. There’s never a dull moment with each new release — she hopes you find it as interesting as she does!

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