Increase the Report Writer/Report Painter Toolset Query Capabilities in Less Than an Hour

  • by Tami Becker, SAP Platinum Consultant
  • July 15, 2002
By adding FI and CO tables that are not in the standard Report Writer/Report Painter library, you can give yourself more options for creating queries using these tools.

SAP delivers several tables in the standard R/3 system that work with the Report Painter/Report Writer tools. If you’ve used Report Painter, then you know that you can use it to create queries against only those tables included in its library. However, a lot of interesting FI and CO tables are not in the standard delivered library (see Figure 1). A couple of examples of key tables are Customer Open Item and Customer Master tables (BSID and KNB1, respectively). A Report Painter report could be created to include the open receivables and discounts by customer and company code if these tables were included in the Report Painter library. Fortunately, you can easily add your own tables through standard SAP transactions in the Logistics Information System called Flexible Analysis. All you need is a technical and a functional team member to work together.

You can add any table or view in the system that has an amount field and is not a cluster table (unfortunately, the popular financial line-item table BSEG is a cluster table) directly to the Report Writer control tables. You can also combine tables into a view and add the view to the control tables. What follows is a set of steps using release 4.6c to walk you through combining two popular FI tables into a view and adding them to the control tables for reporting.

Tami Becker

Tami has been working with SAP R/3 for about eight years and really enjoys the software and its constant challenges. Her focus has been with reporting, FI, SPL, SAP Enhancements, Euro, DART, Conversions, and now Contract Accounting. There’s never a dull moment with each new release — she hopes you find it as interesting as she does!

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