Link Invoices and Partial Payments for Clearing

  • by Kees van Westerop, Senior SAP Consultant, Kwest Consulting
  • January 20, 2012
Partial payments are sometimes difficult to process in an SAP system. Learn how to set editing options to automatically link partial payments to the invoices to which they belong.
Key Concept

By setting editing options correctly, you can automatically link an original invoice and partial payments. An SAP system can also automatically calculate partially paid amounts. Because of the automatic linking, it is very unlikely that incorrect postings will be made. Editing options must be set per user. They contain the personal preferences of the user within the FI module of the SAP system.


The method for handling partial payments in an SAP system is not always clear and may sometimes lead to incorrect postings. When looking at a customer invoice, you cannot easily see how much the customer already has paid.

However, a very simple accounting editing option for incoming payments can make it automatically clear how much the customer paid. Let’s look at an example of how this process works with and without the option.

A customer has received an invoice of €1.069,54 and the customer has made two partial payments on this invoice: one payment of €400 and one of €450. The partial payments have been received previously and have already been posted in the system. Now a payment for the remaining amount is received. The payment is processed using transaction code F-28, which is the standard SAP transaction code for incoming payments.

The option in this example works not only for transaction code F-28 but also for other transactions that clear documents. For example, during the post-processing of bank statements the transaction FB05 is used to allocate an incoming payment to an invoice. The option has the same effect on transaction FB05 as it has on transaction F-28.

First, I describe the process of allocating incoming amounts to an invoice without the accounting editing option switched on.

In transaction code F-28 I have selected all open items of customer 1457. The selection screen of transaction code F-28 is not included in this article as this lies outside the scope of the article; only the open items found are shown in Figure 1. The payment concerns invoice number 90670336. I selected the original invoice with the amount €1.069,54 as the invoice for which an amount has been received; all other documents have been deselected. In other words, the amount received is to be allocated to this document. Selecting this document automatically changes the color of the amount to blue; the color for all the other lines is black. There are two other lines for invoice 90670336. Those lines are the partial payments that were registered before. These lines can be found at the bottom of the overview shown in Figure 1.


Kees van Westerop

Kees van Westerop has been working as an SAP consultant for more than 25 years. He has an MBA degree in mathematics and a degree in finance. Kees has been concentrating on the financial modules, especially in general ledger accounting, cost center accounting, and consolidation. He also has a great deal of experience with rollouts of kernel systems and integrating finance and logistics.

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