Payment Formats Unwieldy? Visualize Them with the Payment Medium Workbench

  • by Juergen Weiss, SEPA-Now Consulting
  • June 11, 2009
Learn how to model payment file structures with the graphical editor of the Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE). Understand the various node types that are available to create your own payment format trees and their differences. Comprehend the technical architecture, the graphical user interface, and the relevant configuration of the DMEE. Find out how the DMEE is integrated with the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW).
Key Concept

Format trees are a graphical representation of a payment format. Creating new format trees for outgoing payments with the Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) consists of five steps: specifying the tree header with details, creating format tree nodes, checking the syntax for consistency, testing the format tree, and configuring the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW).

Creating and managing different payment formats can be burdensome to companies that are either operating in an international business environment or managing different bank relationships. Payment formats are not only different from country to country but are also subject to change over time. Cash and Treasury managers face challenges because their banks support only local or regional payment standards or send inconsistent account statements for reconciliation purposes. The Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) and the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW) enable you to cope with these problems and provide an alternative to the traditional payment medium programs.

Juergen Weiss

Juergen Weiss works in the functional area of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management. As part of SAP’s product management team, he was globally responsible for the Financial Supply Chain Management applications, including Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Dispute Management, Collections Management, Credit Management, Treasury and Risk Management, Bank Relationship Management, and In-House Cash as well as Accounts Payable and Receivable.

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