Set Up SAP Closing Cockpit for Speedier and Better-Controlled Financial Closings in 5 Steps

  • by Gary Fullmer, Solution Architect, MI6 Solutions
  • February 15, 2008
See how to configure the newly updated SAP Closing Cockpit to assign individual tasks and hierarchies properly.
Key Concept

SAP recently redesigned its ERP-based SAP Closing Cockpit and plans to deliver it with an add-on option of a new task scheduling tool, Central Process Scheduler (CPS). SAP plans to make this generally available to customers by mid-second quarter of 2008. Closing Cockpit aims to make your closing process speedier and more controlled, ultimately delivering cost savings to your bottom line. It then can provide accurate and timely information to senior management and external stakeholders. To use the new Closing Cockpit, you must have an active SAP ERP 6.0 system with Enhancement Package 3 installed. In addition you need ERP Support Package 1 installed within the SAP ERP system. As for the SAP NetWeaver technical base, you should have SAP NetWeaver 7.0 with Support Package 14 installed.

SAP revamped Closing Cockpit to include new functions for users on an SAP ERP 6.0 system. In addition to revamping the Closing Cockpit task list to provide a more user-friendly interface via a Web-enabled view, SAP has added other new features to enable better task assignment, task list management, graphic interface, and cross-system integration via Central Process Scheduler (CPS), among other benefits. All these new features are available with SAP ERP 6.0 and the addition of Enhancement Package (EP) 3. (For further information regarding the contents within EP 3 go to

I’ll show you a five-step process to take you from the project planning phase through configuration steps to configure the new Closing Cockpit in your system.

Step 1. Conduct planning and research

Step 2. Create the basic template data

Step 3. Build the closing template hierarchy structure

Step 4. Configure individual tasks

Step 5. Change the template to an executable task list

Gary Fullmer

Gary Fullmer is currently associated with MI6 Solutions as a solution architect. Prior to MI6 Gary recently worked for SAP Labs for 13+ years. While at SAP Labs, he spent his first four years as a CO instructor developing and delivering all CO courses offered in the SAP course catalog. For the next six years, he assumed the role of a FI/CO solution manager, where he focused on interfacing with customers for CO, SEM, and FI solutions. During the remainder of his time with SAP, he worked on SAP General Ledger migration techniques, the SAP IFRS adoption model, and SAP’s enhanced financial closing, and continues to consult on these topics. His educational background includes an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MS from Utah State University, and a BS from Utah State University.

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