Tips on How to Enhance the Batch and Payment Monitor in SAP Bank Communication Management

  • by Mary Loughran, Independent Consultant
  • Brent Olsen, Sr. Technical Consultant, e5 Solutions Group
  • March 21, 2016
Learn how to add custom functionality to the Batch and Payment Monitor (transaction code BNK_MONI) report by using the Enhancement Framework, also known as enhancement points.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • The different types of enhancement points
  • How to use enhancement points to add functionality to the key BNK_MONI report
  • Provide BNK_MONI with additional tools integrated into core functionality
Key Concept

The Enhancement Framework, introduced in SAP NetWeaver 2004, greatly increased the flexibility of making enhancements to SAP-delivered programs by allowing custom functionality to be added to standard programs while the original objects remain unchanged (e.g., without making a modification). The Batch and Payment Monitor is the centralized report where users go to check the status of payments made from the SAP system when using the SAP Bank Communication Management module.

Continuing with the theme of payment processing in an SAP system that we started in our first article, “Using SAP Bank Communication Management: Enhancing SAP Functionality with Custom Developments, we focus on using the Enhancement Framework to make changes to the SAP-delivered Batch and Payment Monitor (transaction code BNK_MONI) report. Because this is a key report, we add functionality to this report as a way to show users both aspects of the report and also provide information about using the Enhancement Framework. This article is the second of three that detail enhancing the SAP standard payment processing functionality with custom development.

To add the enhancements mentioned in this article, an ABAP developer is needed. As ABAP code changes are being made, a developer’s key is needed. The ABAP team would normally have a developer’s key.

The Enhancement Framework has been available in SAP since kernel release SAP NetWeaver 2004. The Enhancement Framework allows additional functionality to be added to standard ABAP code while the original objects remain unchanged. The introduction of the Enhancement Framework was a huge breakthrough in allowing developers flexibility to make changes to SAP code. The Enhancement Framework allows much more flexibility about where custom code can be inserted.

It is important to note that enhancement points are not modifications, which are definitely discouraged. These enhancements remain unaffected during the application of SAP Notes, hot package implementations, and module upgrades, so there is no possibility of overwriting these custom defined objects (e.g., with SAP Notes, hot package implementations, and module upgrades). Within the Enhancement Framework, there are implicit and explicit enhancement points.

Our example focuses on implicit enhancement points. Implicit enhancement points can be entered at the following locations in SAP standard code or objects:

  • Begin/End of form routine, a function module, or a method
  • End of executable program, include module, function, dialog module
  • End of a structure (similar to APPEND) or end of a class object
SAP also has explicit enhancements, which do not have the restrictions listed above for implicit enhancements. We are not using explicit enhancements here and therefore these are beyond the scope of this article.

Mary Loughran

Mary Loughran has been specializing in the SAP Financials area since 1997 and has worked with numerous clients throughout North America and Europe in the areas of finance and treasury. She was employed as a consultant with SAP America and was a designated expert within SAP America for treasury before she left SAP in 2004. Mary’s expertise is in the areas of SAP Treasury and Risk Management, SAP In-House Cash, Liquidity Planner, Accounts Payable, payments from SAP in general, Cash Management, and Electronic Banking. Mary was an independent consultant from 2004 to 2016. 

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Brent Olsen

Brent Olsen has been a developer and technical specialist in SAP systems since 1996. He  has worked with numerous clients throughout North America. Since 2010 he has worked at e5 Solutions Group, where he has developed more of a focus on the SAP Treasury and Risk Management module.

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