Use SAP Enhancement FEB00001 to Increase Automatic Match Rates

  • by David Burns, Owner and Managing Partner, Prime, LLC
  • May 28, 2015
Learn how to overcome certain SAP electronic bank statement (EBS) challenges using enhancement FEB00001. Discover some common EBS limitations and solutions using this enhancement. If implemented properly, FEB00001 can significantly increase automatic match rates.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article, you will learn:

  • The technical makeup of FEB00001, including assigned enhancements, components, and includes
  • How to implement the enhancement with real-world examples
  • When to use the enhancement versus using other electronic bank statement (EBS) functions, such as search strings
  • The impact its use can have on automated match rates
Key Concept
FEB00001 is a standard SAP enhancement that can be used to overcome specific limitations in electronic bank statement (EBS) functionality. By implementing it with the BAI2 format, automatic match rates can be significantly increased, thereby reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

The main SAP electronic bank statement (EBS) program RFEBKA00 is the program called when you enter transaction code FF_5 to import a bank statement. Several standard enhancements have been added over the years to support a growing SAP EBS customer base. With a growing customer base comes increased demand for flexibility to accommodate a myriad of requirements, mostly stemming from variations in industry practices, bank data formats, bank reconciliation practices, and enterprise structures. When it comes to bank reconciliation processes, one size does not fit all, and built-in flexibility is essential. 

SAP enhancements give users greater flexibility than standard programs allow. Standard enhancements are intended to be strategically placed within the code to maximize their potential use in fulfilling customer-specific requirements. This is certainly the case with enhancement FEB00001.

According to SAP, FEB00001 is intended for companies to use to:

  • Analyze and change clearing information for each bank transaction
  • Change posting rules
  • Use account modifications to influence account determinations
  • Distribute postings to different batch input sessions

I discuss these uses of FEB00001in greater detail in the remaining sections, with examples given for greater emphasis.

First, I begin with a technical overview of FEB00001. Implementation of SAP enhancements is best realized with a complete understanding of the mechanics behind it. Therefore, I describe the technical makeup of FEB00001, including enhancement assignments, components, and includes. I provide real-world examples of user requirements and solutions using FEB00001 and discuss the enhancement’s relationship with other EBS functionality.

David Burns

David Burns is owner and managing partner of Prime, LLC. David has specialized in SAP Financials since 1998. Since founding Prime, LLC in 2008, he focuses on techno-functional consulting on a cross-modular basis, with a special emphasis on SAP configuration optimization and FI integration.

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