Use the Report Launchpad to Provide Access to Financials Reports

  • by Janet Salmon, Product Manager, SAP AG
  • March 15, 2008
Extend transaction PFCG to create a Report Launchpad, which allows users to start SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence reports and other portal content.
Key Concept

The Report Launchpad is a Web page that you can include in any portal role. You can define the contents of this Web page in a customizing table named for each role in SAP ERP. These customizing entries can call reports in any system in which the user works. By configuring the Report Launchpad for each role, you can provide a central point of access to all the reports that are relevant for a specific user group, whether the reports are running in SAP ERP, in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence, as composites, or as URLs.

Report Launchpad can provide Financials users access to all reports as part of their role that they might use in their daily work. You can add an additional page to the transaction PFCG (role maintenance) roles that organize the users’ transactions and include SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) reports in that page. Depending on the settings you choose, this page can also launch SAP ERP reports (such as Report Writer/Report Painter and InfoSet Queries), and portal content (such as Visual Composer applications and other Web Dynpro applications), making it a single point of entry for all the users’ reporting needs.

In my the article titled "Should Your Financials Team Consider the Portal?", I introduced the idea of automatic roles and showed you how to move the roles from transaction PFCG to the portal content directory, providing your users with access to their work via transaction calls from the portal rather than from the menu in SAP ERP. Now I show you how to add an Analytics page to this role, providing a central starting point for any reports that users with this role need, whether in SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver BI, or composites.

Janet Salmon

Janet Salmon joined SAP in 1992. After six months of training on R/2, she began work as a translator, becoming a technical writer for the Product Costing area in 1993. As English speakers with a grasp of German costing methodologies were rare in the early 1990s, she began to hold classes and became a product manager for the Product Costing area in 1996, helping numerous international organizations set up Product Costing. More recently, she has worked on CO content for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, Financial Analytics, and role-based portals. She is currently chief product owner for management accounting. She lives in Speyer, Germany, with her husband and two children.

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